10 Interesting Facts About Miami

You may have heard and maybe even seen a lot of the things that define Miami – the beautiful beaches, amazing nightlife, incredible art, and more. But if you think that that is all there is about Miami, you are quite wrong. 

Did you know that this beautiful city is the “Wreck-reational Diving Capital of the World”? How about the fact that it hosts one of the world’s most renowned archaeological sites? Well if you have not known that yet, then maybe there is quite a lot that you need to know about Miami. So here are 10 amazing facts that you may not have known about Miami:

1. Its nickname “Magic City” was the result of a growth spurt

Yes, you read that right. Miami’s population grew significantly in just one century, from one thousand to a whopping five million. That’s how magic looks like in the world of population growth. 

2. It’s the world’s cruise capital

Miami is a large tourist attraction, but there is no disputing that it’s the largest of all passenger ports in the world. In 2017 alone, the city saw roughly five million passengers sail through its confines. 

3. The name “Miami” was inspired by a tribe that lived there

The Indian tribe known as Mayaimi was the main inspiration for the name Miami. The tribe was mainly located around Lake Mayaimi, which is now known as Lake Okeechobee, up to the 17th or 18th century.

4. Miami beach hosts the largest art deco architecture in the world

With more than 800 art deco buildings, it’s quite easy to understand just why Miami Beach is considered home to the world’s largest collection of art deco architecture. Even with modern condos coming up, there is still a huge collection of relics that are reminiscent of the glamorous Art Deco Movement. 

5. Sunscreen was invented here

The amazing lotion that protects your skin from harmful UV rays was invented in Miami by a pharmacist known as Benjamin Green. Even though the lotion had already been invented in Europe, Benjamin came up with his own version which he later sold to Coppertone. 

6. Buildings here can’t have basements

There is some bad news for you if you have been thinking of relocating to Miami and getting a house with a basement. Well, the basement wine cellar or garage that you so much value cannot be built because the land here is just about six to nine feet above sea level. If you dig deeper, water will just begin sprouting.

7. Miami is the only city in the USA that has two national parks bordering it

If you love exploring parks for other forms of experiencing life, Miami is probably where you should be right now. With the Everglades National Park bordering Miami, Florida on the West and the Biscayne National Park on the East, there is more than enough for you to explore. 

8. Miami had an ATM for rollerbladers

Walking to the ATM to get some cash? Never mind, you can use skates. In 1996, Citibank created an ATM for rollerbladers. This was a solution designed to make life easier for in-line skaters. 

9. Miami is a great agricultural region

Did you know that the Miami area is also perfect for agriculture? Well, the amazing climate here makes agricultural life well worth the while. Mangoes, tomatoes, and avocados are some of the crops that will do perfectly in Miami. 

10. It is the only major city founded by a woman 

Miami was founded by Julia Tuttle, an American businesswoman who convinced Henry Flagler, a renowned oil tycoon, to extend his railroad to Miami from Central Florida. In 1896, the first train using the East Coast Railroad got to Miami. After this historical moment, Miami was incorporated later the same year.