When it comes to booking an evening out, most people only think of nightclubs and limo services. However, there are so many other things to consider. If you’re planning a night out and you have to book a limo, what are the different limo rental prices around town? It would be great if you could simply pick up the phone and call all the limo services companies in your area to find out what their rates are. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible.

Limo services can charge anything from the minimum to the maximum depending on the company, the day, time of the year and many other factors. The average price to rent a limo, though, is usually around $70 for an hour with many people paying much more. The price of a limo rental specifically for a prom ranges from around $500 to over $1,000, while special event packages can go substantially higher. There are many reasons why limo rental prices are determined by the type of event. Here are a few of the major factors:

Theme nights: Nightclubs typically reserve limo rentals for themed nights such as black and strobe lights or adult-oriented nights such as strip shows. Special events such as prom graduations and prom parties also usually reserve limo rentals in advance to make sure that they can accommodate everyone. Once the date of the special event has been set, it’s difficult to get a hold of the limo rentals at discounted prices. It’s important to call around and find out what the regular limo rentals cost, as well as what the extra charges are.

Nightlife events: Some of the most popular limo rental companies offer party packages that include other amenities, like strollers, toys, and even limo buses. This is a great way to make sure your child goes to a fun place with their friends at a discounted price. The amount of money saved on each child can vary, as well. If the party includes alcohol, it will cost more to rent than one that doesn’t. Of course, some limo services also offer kid-friendly packages if you want a party with kiddies. It’s important to call around to find out what’s included in the package deal before deciding how much does it cost to rent a limo.

Plus points for students: Sometimes students are offered the chance to get discounts when they book a limo rental. Just because the limo isn’t for students doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for deals. Ask about student discounts and possibly include them in the price. It’s also worth asking how much does it cost to rent plus a small limo for five hours instead of a large limo that’s going to cost an hour or more to drive.

Average rental cost: You should ask how much does it cost to rent a limo based on the average age of the people in the group you’re planning to hire. You’ll want to know the average age for the driver, plus anyone who may need to be picked up and taken back to the hotel after the party is over. If the limo service has a reputation of excellent service, they should be able to give you the average age of the drivers plus the average time they’ve been driving. Ask about the deposit and how it may be refundable. You should also find out what the deposit is. Some companies require a deposit, while others don’t.

A good rule of thumb when figuring out your limo rental cost is to figure the average cost for you and then add fifteen percent for parties that are larger or have more people. This will get you an idea of what your best deal might be. Of course, you’ll have to do some estimating on your own. The best thing to do is bring a picture of the wedding or event you’re planning to get married in so you know how many limo service limos you should be looking at. If there are any special limo details that you need to be aware of, send a photo with your inquiry. Many limo rental companies have online forms you can fill out so you can get a better idea of how much your limo rental will cost.

Calculating the limo rental services cost per hour: The standard limo rental services charge between forty-five and one hundred and fifty cents per hour. You want to know the minimum cost for you so you don’t end up paying more than that. If you need to find limo services that charge lower rates, make sure to ask about minimum charges.