In the world of limo rentals there are so many options and so many different prices. There are all kinds of limo services, such as town car limos, stretch limos, luxury limos, and wedding limos. Some of the most popular limo services are: Sixt, Tango’s Limo Services, Elite Luxury Limo Rentals, Sedona Limo Rental, and Interco Limo and Limousine. These companies also offer other limo services and car rentals including: car service, valet service, limo services for special events, airport limo services, and limo service for corporate limousine services.

When you start looking for your wedding limo rental, you should know the going rates. The average price to rent a limo, in some cities, is around $70. Most individuals spend $426 to $ 950 for a limo rental for an evening. The price of a limo rental for the big night ranges from around $500 to more than a thousand. Limo prices will definitely depend on what type of limo you rent, where you live, who you are hiring, how many limo passengers you have, and how long you will be using it.

A lot of limo rental companies will include other expenses in their advertised prices. You should ask what extra charges are included in your package. For example, you may notice that some limo companies have special requests, such as cleaning fees, at additional costs. Cleaning fees can add up, especially for larger limo rentals.

Before you contact limo rentals in your area, take a good look at the additional charges that a limo rental company wants to charge you. These could include anything from a cleaning fee to a limo rental insurance quote. Check out every limo rentals business that you find, and talk to the owners. You’ll find that they will all have some kind of extra charges.

In the Washington DC area, you will pay about the same to rent a limo as you would to fill up a car at the gas station. It’s not unusual for the price of a limo to be two or three times the average cost of an economy car rental. You will find that the price range varies from one limo rental company to another, depending on how full the limo is, how many limo passengers there are, and how long the limo is going to be out. For example, a four-hour rental might cost less than two hours.

If you go with a small limo rental, you can expect to pay about the average cost for a sedan, but it will cost more than an SUV or crossover. An SUV is the biggest ticket, but if you really want one, you can rent one for about half the average cost for a sedan. The size of the car will also affect the number of hours that it will take to get it to your destination. A large car will take longer than a compact car, as will a truck. When renting a car, always consider the weight of the car. Pick one that doesn’t weigh too much to avoid paying a hefty fee for insurance.

Always compare limo rental prices with those of similar length. For example, if you want to ride around in a limo with eight passengers, you should calculate the hourly rate of a late model sedan at about $80. However, if you choose a late model truck, the hourly rate could end up much higher because it is considerably heavier. The same rule applies for limo with 20 passengers.

For large parties or events, limo rentals are ideal. You can expect to pay a little more than you would for a luxury sedan, but you can still get a good deal. Since limo companies know that you will need the limo for more than just six hours, they can offer a discount. Of course, you should always call ahead before renting to ensure that you will have enough space and that you will be able to pay the full rental amount.