There are a variety of reasons why you might need a limo rental in your local area. Whether it’s for an afternoon event, a special occasion, a business meeting or even a romantic evening out, there are limo services available to suit any need that you have. Whether you are limo rental Miami locals or visitors, we’ve listed the top reasons to rent a limo here.

If you are planning an event in Miami that you want to be sure to have lots of people to attend, a limo rental might be the perfect way to transport them to your location. Most limo rental companies have a minimum daily rental limit of 3 hours, so make sure to keep this in mind when planning your special events. Limousines provide the ultimate in class and sophistication for those special events could cost a lot more than a normal limo rental.

Most limo rentals in Miami are located around the Downtown Miami area. This is because most limo services providers lease their cars to Florida residents, not tourists. Therefore, you can expect to pay slightly higher prices for your rented limo. However, you must understand that the minimum number of hours usually required for a limo rental from an airport is three.

Some limo rental companies do charge extra for some of their services, such as cleaning fees and fuel surcharges. If you make a request for a cleaning fee, be sure to tell the limo company about your special event packages. Most limo companies have separate areas where they can clean their vehicles and these areas may be available at additional costs. Also, consider the average cleaning fees for car rental companies in your area and adjust your rental charges accordingly.

Some additional charges, you should be aware of are gratuity, taxes, and insurance. All limo rental companies have different rules regarding the payment of gratuity. Some limo rental companies offer gratuities only for parties that enter the limo through doors that have been provided by the limo rental company. Other limo rental companies allow you to pay the gratuity upfront or may require you to use a pre-approved credit card for this service. The latter option is obviously preferable if you are on a budget or if you are not planning to spend any money on alcoholic beverages.

Taxes and insurance play a huge role in determining the average cost to rent a limo for a prom. Many people do not realize that the taxes and insurance that you pay every year can significantly reduce the rental cost of your limo. Most limo rental companies charge you an annual fee which includes the taxes and insurance. Make sure that you inquire about the amount of your annual fee and compare it with the cost of to rent a limo for a prom night. Also, remember that you should always inform your limo rental company if you have a security or guest that will be allowed into the limo. Some limo rental companies have policies regarding who is allowed to get into the limo, so make sure that you ask the limo company about their policies before you rent a limo for a prom night.

For parties that need to travel in a limo for a long distance, many limousine rentals offer special packages that include additional amenities. In most cases, you can add a limo tour of the city in the package price. Also, limo companies often have buses waiting at designated bus stops near the airport so that passengers can catch a shuttle to your location. In most cases, you can also upgrade from a first class limo to a luxury sedan for the trip to the prom. Luxury sedans generally have more amenities and can seat more people than a first class limo does.

If you are planning to take a group of friends along to a prom, you should find out about the rental prices at local limo rental companies. Most limo rental prices are going to be less than a group of cars rented by a driver from the same company. This is especially important if you are planning to pick up friends from out of town and would like to spend the night at a local hotel. You can usually also upgrade your car from a luxury sedan to a stretch Hummer for the occasion. Stretch hummers usually have a more upscale package than luxury sedans, but are often still less expensive than those offered by a limo rental company.