Hummer Limousines is the perfect vehicle for any event, large or small. There are a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, each with its own unique style and personality. Stretch Hummer Limousines, for example, is known for their elegant styling and spacious passenger areas.

If you have never seen or driven one of these vehicles, there is no better time than the present to explore the vast world of stretch limousines. Stretch Hummers offer features that make them the preferred choice for business travel, intimate dinners, romantic getaways, family vacations and more. Lincoln navigator stretch limousines are a great example of Hummer limousine elegance and class. Available in a variety of classic and luxury styles and features, the Lincoln navigator stretch limousine has won over many hearts. Lincoln was founded by a man named Henry Ford II, and his family had been making cars for over a century.

A true representation of American luxury and style, the Lincoln limousine has five seating types, including the open driver, the semi-open driver, the regular, the occasional and the closed driver. The open driver sits in the middle of the vehicle and has several compartments including a drink cup, a radio antenna, a headlight, and a windshield. Each individual seat has an individual radio, a footrest and a few compartments as well. There is also a trunk with several compartments and a bin area beneath the seat.

Other available stretch limousines include the Lincoln Navigator Convertible, the Lincoln Zephyr Convertible, the Lincoln XL limousine and the stretch limousines that are considered Class A. The Lincoln Navigator has the ability to be converted into a mobile office with the use of a set of floor mirrors. In addition, the Lincoln Zephyr provides passengers with a selection of three sizes of convertible side-impact windows, a power rearview mirror, a sunroof and other features. The Lincoln XL, however, provides a larger selection of amenities such as a Power King stereo system with six speakers, a chrome steering wheel and alloy pedals, leather wrapped controls, an alloy rear diffuser, front and rear fog lights, front and rear seat side air bags, and leather trimmed interior with leather upholstery. The Lincoln XP provides the passenger with a selection of three-door folding models including a cargo model, a standard model, and a mid-size model for individuals who need more room.

The Lincoln Zephyr offers several features, including a high level of comfort, a luxurious passenger environment, a luxurious cabin, and great customer service. There is a third category of stretch limousines known as the Executive Limousine, which has been designed to meet the needs of small business professionals and executives who have their own vehicles. These types of limousines offer all of the same luxury as a full stretch limousine, but provide a smaller vehicle. Each limousine is equipped with a bar, a coffee table, a large comfortable reclining couch, a plush master chair, a DVD player, and a full size microwave. Some of these models even feature an in-car toilet and a second door.

Lincoln stretch limousines offer a host of features and amenities that make them the preferred transportation choice of celebrities and business professionals. When you work with a reputable and reliable Lincoln stretch limousine service, you can feel confident knowing you are being taken care of personally and professionally. Lincoln’s executive limousine service offers several different packages, including private charters, rehearsal limousines, executive tours, and airport transfers. Choose from among the various packages that are available to you and enjoy everything that Lincoln has to offer.

The spacious Lincoln interior makes it easy for you to travel with a large group of people. If you are planning to take your family along with you for a night out on the town, you may want to consider a Lincoln stretch limousine for that ultimate family experience. Private Lincoln limousine services often include an assigned chauffeur so that you never have to worry about driving yourself or worrying about having someone else in the passenger seat. Your entire family can ride safely in the backseat of a luxury limousine without worrying about having someone bump into them as they make their way down the stretch. A Lincoln town car would not be able to accommodate so many people and keep up with your schedule, so it’s better to choose a limousine that fits your needs precisely.

The features and amenities included in each of the Lincoln stretch limousines are designed with your comfort in mind. All of the models that are currently offered have satellite radio capabilities, plush seating, an in-car DVD player, a full bar area, a fully stocked bar, and a multitude of amenities. There are even some models available with leather seats and tinted windows to further enhance your ride.