When you need a special occasion, it is easy to book a limo for your guests. But, before you rent a limo, you need to know how much our limo rental prices. Knowing how much to hire a limo can help you plan ahead for your event and book a limo that fits your budget. When looking for limo rentals, you want to consider:

Tip One: The Cost to Rent a Limo – The average cost of a limo rental depends on the make and model of car chosen. Generally, the more luxurious the car the more the cost to rent a limo will be. Typically, when charging an hourly fee, most limo rental companies do have a minimum daily rental time of three to four hours. However, you may be able to negotiate a cost lower than this. So calculate the cost to rent a limo by considering your minimum daily rental time and compare it with the hourly rates of different limo rental companies.

Tip Two: Examine Prices at Specific Locations – Many people rent a limo for special events such as prom, proms, weddings, graduations, birthday parties and sports games. So, find out the average cost to rent a limo at various locations in your city. You want to find out what the average price is so you can plan your event around it. For example, if you are planning a graduation party, it is typically much cheaper to rent a limo from a limo rental company in Chicago than it would be to drive yourself and pay parking fees. Therefore, you want to compare prices between locations to determine which one will work out less expensive for you.

Tip Three: Get the Best Deal Possible – Since the cost to rent a limo is dependent upon the number of hours you wish to rent the limo, it only makes sense that you get the best deal possible. One way to get a better deal on your next limo rental is to call several companies and ask them the same questions over the phone. Call each company individually and ask the same questions as above. This will allow you to compare prices based on your unique circumstances. This is a great way to save money depending on how much time you need to rent a limo and depending on how far away you are from where you are going to need the limo.

Tip Four: Check Online – There are many websites online that provide cost comparison information on limo services in a variety of cities. Some websites also allow you to search for the lowest available price. Often, these sites will allow you to sort through the list by price and even based on the distance you are going to be traveling. This can be very beneficial because you can rent a limo for less if you are going to be traveling a shorter distance. Just make sure you check out a number of these websites.

Tip Five: Consider Party Bus Rentals – When you rent a limo, you often can choose whether or not you want a party bus rental included with the cost. This is great because the bus (with a designated driver) can take you to almost any location in town. This type of transportation can cost you more than renting a limo, but there are several good reasons why you would consider party bus rentals. Not only do they cost less than limo riding, they also give you more options and convenience.

Tip Six: Do Your Homework – When it comes to rent a limo, you need to make sure you know the total cost of all of the different services before you make a decision. The cost to rent a limo depends on how many people you are needing to ride in them. It also depends on what you are going to be doing with them. For example, you can rent a limo for wedding parties, bachelor parties, proms, and any other event you wish to rent a limo for. If you know how many people you are going to be riding in, you can determine how much it will cost by figuring out how many hours it will take you to drive to and from the location you wish to go to. This is called your travel time and it is one of the factors that will play a large part in determining how much you will be paying for your limo rental.

Tip Seven: Ask about gratuities – Many limo companies offer a gratuity included in the cost of renting a limo. This is absolutely fine if you are going to be taking a lot of friends and/or relatives with you. If you are going to be taking your children with you, however, it might be better to consider the cost of having the children sit in the back of the limo. The price of the vehicle is less and it might allow for better seating and more amenities (such as a television) than the back of a standard car would provide. However, you may be limited on the amount of times you can rent the vehicle so be sure to check before hand. Also, keep in mind the fact that some limo companies include gratuity in the cost of rental so be sure to ask about this.