Safety Tips You Should Adhere to When Visiting Miami

Miami is one of the most visited destinations in the US and is found to the South Eastern part of the country. It’s also a large city and is the 7th largest in US in terms of population. And when most people think of Miami, they imagine the clear blue water, warm ocean, sandy beaches and a refreshing tropical climate ideal for spending a gateway vacation. These are some of the reasons Miami is adored by many.

But while on a tour of this fantastic city, it’s essential to keep safe and keep off drug and gang violence hotspot areas. Luckily, the most dangerous places in this city are far from tourist landmarks. Buts it’s also important to keep safe and be vigilant in these landmarks as there are some cases of pickpocketing and other petty crimes.

Well, below are some of the safety tips to adhere to while in this city: 

  1. Stay at a reputable hotel

Even before you arrive in Miami, you should book a reputable dining and accommodation facility. And though nontraditional accommodations are ever-popular, these rooms may not have some safety features. Therefore, its recommended to stay in a secure hotel more so if you travelled alone. When not staying at a hotel, inquire of the safety precautions to take to ensure you are safe.

2. Precautions against pickpockets 

Most common petty crimes in Miami are purse-snatching and pickpocketing. It’s more common on the beach and other crowded streets. To avoid becoming a theft victim, use common sense, including holding your purse securely in your shoulder and monitor your surroundings. Also, ensure you keep your wallet in your front pocket and always be aware of your surroundings. These tips will help you keep your property safe while on a Miami, FL trip.

3. Natural disasters preparedness

Since Miami is found in Florida, it’s liable to the dangerous natural disasters like the hurricanes. In 2000 to 2013 alone, there were about 63 hurricanes in this area. But the local authorities usually advise the tourists in case of such predicted disasters enabling them to move to safer grounds while there is still time.

4. Know the safety amenities and use them

Safety amenities are essential during your trip to Miami. Know the directions to the hospital and help hotlines to help you in case of any problem. Also if you’re staying in a hotel then know the contacts of the security personnel and utilize safety features like free shuttle or valet parking if they’re offered.

Always ask about safety features, such as the phone number for security personnel in the hotel. Use any safety features such as valet parking or free shuttle, if it is provided.

It’s safe to visit Miami, and unlike the depiction in many TV movies and series, it’s relatively safe. But gun crime is a significant problem here though it’s not related to gang violence. It would be best if you avoided some neighborhoods like Liberty City, Carol City and Overtown since they have the highest crime rates in Miami. On the other hand, ensure you visit the North Miami Beach, Little Havana, Pinecrest, Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne. These areas have many exciting features and are quite safe.