The Top 5 Things to Do in Miami

There are lots of amazing features that make Miami one of the most amazing cities in the U.S. as far as vacation destinations are concerned. From the famous white sandy beaches to high-end nightclubs, there is a lot of attractive things that are worth trying out if you have plans to visit the City.

Of course, the best way to view Miami is to forget the stereotypes, and see beyond the white sand beaches. So here is a list of five amazing things that you can do while in Miami:

1. Visit the Wynwood Art District

If you have been paying close attention to knowing more about Miami, you should not have missed the art part. Art is quite a big deal in Miami, which is one of the main reasons why Wynwood has become a major attraction in the City. This neighborhood features walls that depict some of the examples of street art that you have never seen before. There are also boutique bars and concept bars that line the streets as if to match the amazing art galleries. 

2. Head over to Little Havana

If you wish to have an overview of what Cuban life is like, it’s time you think of setting foot in Little Havana. This neighborhood has more Cuban immigrants than you can expect and has a serious emphasis on interesting cultural events. The art galleries, plays, and concerts, as well as the classic and independent films shown at the Tower Theatre, all add to the taste of fun at the amazing neighborhood, leaving you with the desire to experience more.

At little Havana, you can only expect to hear more of Spanish and almost none of English and this Spanish effect is further enhanced by the old men who spend their afternoons playing dominos. You can also visit the amazing restaurants in this area to try delicious Cuban food from croquetas to platanos without missing out on the famed Cuban sandwich. 

3. Get a glimpse into life at the South Beach

There is no way your visit to Miami can be complete if you are not going to visit South Beach. Besides, this is the picture of Miami that most people who have not been to this City have in their heads. Here, you can expect to see more of Deco buildings, shirtless faces, and of course, tanned faces.

You can expect to get a taste of the beaches, fine-dine restaurants, top-of-the-range bars and clubs, and more, depending on your taste. As an area of the City that is full of life, beach all day long and party till morning seem to be the motto here. What that means for you is that no matter what time you prefer to show up, you don’t have to worry about finding a ghost district. 

4. Enjoy history at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

If you are a history lover, this estate-turned-museum is a must-see. This amazing historical landmark of Miami was once the property of wealthy businessman James Deering. Almost a century later, this magnificent estate of the 1920s is now open to the general public as a museum.

There is quite a lot to enjoy seeing here from the statues to the pillars, all depicting the style of the Italian Renaissance. The most amazing part of it all is that since Vizcaya is built right on the waterfront, you can enjoy viewing the glistening water while touring the Great Gatsby-Esque estate. 

5. Enjoy nature as it is meant to be at Fairchild Gardens

This is one of those places in Miami that is totally unique and displays a huge array of eye-catching entities. There is a vast 83 acres of gardens with different amazing species and breathtaking art to explore. The gardens, other than being a heavenly place to enjoy some wonderful time, also serve research and educational purposes, making them a unique place to visit while in Miami.