Top Five Beaches to Visit While in Miami

Well, if you are venturing to Miami, then your trip will be incomplete without a visit to the sandy beaches. Miami is a tropical city, and from the lively bays full of party action to other tranquil spots for enjoying sunbathing and crowd-free swimming, there’s something for everyone here. Besides, the good thing with beaches in Miami is that they are open to the public and so if you want an isolated place to spend your time on the beach, you will get many tastes suited for your needs. Well, so if in Miami, ensure you visit the top beaches below:

  1. Lummus Park Beach

Lummus Park Beach is located near Ocean Drive and is a perfect spot for anyone who enjoys sunbathing and playing volleyball. It was founded in the 1980s and features grassy areas complete with palm trees and pull up bars, which makes them ideal for people seeking shade.

Enjoy strolling in the beautiful promenade that is a boundary between the beach and grass and enjoy a delicious lunch in the amazing restaurants around the beach. The beach is also a nice place for filming and capturing the best photos. There are also many lifeguards to ensure you are safe, in addition to the essential amenities like toilets and showers.

2. Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is one of the best in Miami and is two-mile-long with many access points. The clear waters here are ideal for diving, snorkeling, and many water sports. Besides, you can enjoy fishing at Newport Fishing pier or even an amazing outdoor concert. After enjoying your time sunbathing, don’t forget to buy a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants or enjoy some coffee with a snack and tropical concoction. 

3. Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach is located near the Atlantic Ocean and is a favorite hub spot full of soft sand and blue water ideal for swimming. It’s also a favorite place for many lovers as there are picnic areas, not mentioning the many kite-making workshops in the area where you can learn to make some kites and probably sell them. There is also a golf course for golf enthusiasts, a dog park, and a tennis center if you enjoy the game.

4. Crandon Park

Crandon Park is one of the top treasures of Miami and is located in Key Biscayne. It has shallow waters that are crystal clear and is a favorite destination for families who have kids. Here, you will also find a nature center, a winding boardwalk, and enjoy a game of volleyball or even picnic in this park.

5. Surfside

Surfside is a small beach near a residential area that exudes the beach and town vibe. There is a great neighborhood in this town, and you won’t feel lonely during your visit. Besides, there are communal beach picnics during some days in summer, and you will enjoy some music as your kids engage in kid-friendly activities.

Besides, these beaches have palm trees, and others have a golden suntan, and the common thing is that they are all naturally beautiful. Most beaches also have trained lifeguards who will ensure you are safe during your forays. Considering the tides and winds can be dangerous at times, they ensure every visitor is safe by alerting them of the sea conditions.