Top Five Tourist Attractions in Miami

Each year, millions of tourists visit Miami in South Florida to enjoy the sandy beaches, great weather, culture, sports, entertainment and the vibrant nightlife. Downtown Miami is the most popular tourist spot and is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay. And if you would like to admire some historical pieces than visit the museums.

Tourists hardly get enough of Miami, and they always include this city in their favorite locations to visit. However, you cannot always blame them since them, and there are many tourist attractions to spend your time. 

  1. Miami Beach

When tourists think of Miami, the beauty and splendor of Miami Beach can never escape their minds. This beach is located on a barrier island and is accessible by the mainland; it features lively entertainment scenes, quiet neighborhoods and amazing sandy beaches. And if you’re a visitor, then you will enjoy swimming and traveling in nearby areas such as the historic Art Deco District that has buildings made in the 1930s. It’s an expensive tourist district, and you will find many shopping and dining options.

Also, don’t forget to visit Ocean Drive as it’s a popular street here and is home to man amazing buildings. There is much to do in Miami Beach, and you only need to visit earlier.

2. South Beach

South Beach is located between the 233rd and fifth streets in Miami Beach. There is no need to market this beach since it’s the sole reason many tourists flock Miami every year. At South Beach, you can enjoy swimming in the beach or even admire the art décor architecture. This beach is full of beautiful people, and there are shopping malls to cater to your tastes nearby. Also, the nightlife is amazing, and you will indulge in the best fun and entertainment the city has to offer. And though it can be overcrowded at times, the city officials are solving that issue. And besides swimming to escape the heat, you can also sunbathe or cruise slowly in the Ocean Drive for the spectacular views.

3. Expose Jungle Island

Jungle Island is one of the top destinations in Miami. It was first called Parrot Jungle and was once visited by Winston Churchill in 1946. You will enjoy interactive experiences here, coupled with discoveries and adventure. Venture to Watson Island today and also catch an exciting daily show here.

4. Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is home to over 2000 wild animals and provides animals with a habitat that is identical to their natural home. The environment here is cage-free, and there are open-air exhibits that will enable you to monitor the endangered species closely. There are also lots of lively interactions to enjoy with the animals, and it’s a favorite spot for families.

5. Bayside Marketplace

This is a large mall with more than 150 tourist shops, cafes, restaurants and live entertainment scenes. Here, visitors will enjoy shopping with the locals, and since it’s located along Miami waterfronts, you can look to the boats and docks. It’s also a favorite place for a weekend, and there are a taxi service and hotels in this area.

Miami is an amazing destination and beams with beaches, good history and ideal weather. Ensure you make bookings and reservations earlier on your favorite hotel or resort so that the dining and accommodation will be hassle-free once you arrive in Miami.